ERC Trade is a fully financed officially registered company working with sales, marketing and distribution on the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market in Kosovo. Owned and run by the Arifi family that has a fifty years experience from the FMCG-market. Before the war, the main activity was managing of owned ‘Mini-markets’ in different parts of Kosovo.

During the months of war the business came to an end and it took huge efforts to make a new beginning and recover from the war devastation.

The new post-war situation meant new business opportunities and markets to penetrate. As one of the first activities in the new business environment, the Arifi family joined with a company called PREVISA. In the first four years we created a complete new way of doing business in Kosovo particularly in the sector of FMCG. In the beginning of 2006 the Arifi family decided to separate its property from Previsa and ERC Trade was “born”.

Today, our goal is a daily tour of the customer to enable continuous representation of products that we offer in all retail stores and make them available to end consumers. We also try to raise continuously the quality of service delivery at the highest level. Excellent service makes this young and urban company one of the most competent distributors in Kosovo. Mission of the ERC Trade in the market is to provide customers a daily supply of items range available from the most favorable conditions, long-term to develop good business relationships with customers, and invest in the development of the initiative and creativity of all employees. Thanks to the ideas of an ambitious, flexible and motivated team, ERC Trade continuously contribute to improving the way business and raise service quality to an even higher level.

In the last ten years ERC Trade has successfully managed to get among the top distributors of the FMCG in Kosovo.


In order to facilitate the necessary expansion of the company and to provide full coverage of the market our investments in the logistics and distribution division have been continuously increased.
Timely deliveries and scheduled running of the company are ensured by our well-established distribution and logistics capabilities. Our logistics fleet consists of:
1 Truck
27 Vans
15 Cars
An extensive part of this development is also the 8.000m2 Central Warehouse.
These capabilities truly set us apart from our competitors. At ERC Trade, our combined capabilities allow us to provide on-site ordering, seamless, flexible, local service, with on-time deliveries of products to our clients within the Kosovo market.




Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR - Corporate social responsibility is both an integral part of our heritage and an essential ingredient of our future success. The ERC Trade Management agreed on five CSR focus areas:

Caring for our people - Empowering our people to give of their best.

Responsible supply and distribution chain
- Committing with our partners to strengthen our supply and distribution chain.

Ethics & Integrity - Maintaining a healthy, thriving company by acting with integrity.

Protecting the environment - Reducing our impact on the environment and using natural resources responsibly.

Giving back - Continuing our rich heritage of community investment.