BELUX Electronics is a branch of ERC Trade company which offers high quality electronic equipment, It is a brand owned by ERC with all rights and permits since 2002.


BELUX Halogen

Belux Halogen is a classic light with a warm and lovely light. Belux Halogen are energy efficient and save energy up to 30%, minimizing the costs compared to other usual lights. These lights come in different watts - starting from 28w to 135w, as well as E27 and E14. They have a working span of almost 3000 guaranteed working hours.

BELUX Economics

Belux Economics is quite different compared to regular lights. This kind of light is offered in different colors and watts - starting from 5w to 150w, coming in white and warmer colors. These lights can save up to 70% of energy, and it has a working span of 5000 working hours guaranteed.

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BELUX Led is differently known as the “lamp of the future”. With an energy efficiency of 80% and a working span of 20000 hours guaranteed, BELUX Led comes in a warm color to make each room better. It is offered from 3w to 15w.

Belux Battery

The BELUX Batteries are of high quality and energy efficient. The batteries are offered in AA, AAA, D and C models.

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